Gasteranthus extinctus

Important dates

February 14th, 2024: Call for papers closing. Send oral presentations to the email with the subject line «Presentation (author’s name).»
March 5th, 2024: Call for papers closing
March 14th, 2024: Acceptance of oral presentations
February 14th, 2024: Registration begins for speakers and participants
March 20th, 2024: Closing date for registration for speakers and participants
March 14th to March 20th, 2024: Correction of accepted oral presentations with comments
March 15th to March 22th, 2024: Submission of final oral presentation
March the 23rd and 24th, 2024: International Symposium Synergistic Strategies for in situ and ex situ Conservation of Endangered Plant Populations in NW Ecuador’s Biodiversity Hotspot

Thematic lines

Gasteranthus extinctus propagation

Ex situ plant conservation

Magnolia dixonii in the field

In situ plant conservation

Collecting data

BGCI’s PlantSearch as a conservation tool

Workshop and breakout session

Workshop: Workshop on using BGCI´s PlantSearch and conservations about ex situ plant conservation

This is a session to learn how to use the PlantSearch tool developed by BGCI to access and share information about living collections held by botanic gardens and similar organizations around the world.


Emily Coffey, Vice President of Conservation & Research, Atlanta Botanical Garden
Jean Linsky, Coordinator of the Global Conservation Consortium of Magnolia, Atlanta Botanical Garden

Breakout session: My contributions for conservation in NW Ecuador´s Biodiversity Hotspots

This is a space to discuss what a botanical garden is and what their functions are. In addition, to share our ideas on actions to conserve the biodiversity of NW Ecuador at a personal and community level alongside our botanical gardens, and finally, to learn, in general, about the use of BGCI’s PlantSearch as a tool for accessing living collections held in botanical gardens around the world.


Verónica Rojas Montaño, Head of Education and Communication of Padre Julio Marrero Botanic Garden



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